mask eye i

mallory ending

i love to think that
i have a very simple existence

when it is this part of the song,
it feels like being between

a thing and something else.
my favorite part is the melody

because it’s an analogy
for one’s own voice crying again

against a different backdrop.
the shit is kitschy but

for some reason
i had a dream about it.

how many clothes you wore
meant nothing for how naked you were,

which floored me in my backyard
when i heard the grass bending.

as you approached,
you could have been anyone

whose stomach i had touched but
you asked if i wanted to kiss someone

who wanted to talk to me.
i may as well have wrapped myself in cotton

on the cold concrete underneath the moon.


obscurevideogamesvgjunkYamu Yamu, Super Famicom.  (Bandai - 1995)

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"A flicker of light between two eternities of darkness"


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 Japanese stamp from 1937


 Japanese stamp from 1937

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